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T.I.E. is an experience.

With a 24-hour theatre workshop as its core, T.I.E’s participants are:

  • Introduced to aesthetics of Immersive Theatre, as inspired by the award-winning work Information for/from Outsiders: Chronicles from Kashmir
  • Guided through a practical exploration of these strategies
    Mentored in the creation of their own, social-justice focused, Immersive Theatre performance
  • Shepherded through processes that develop their skills as actors, designers, directors and writers
  • Supported in their quests to apply ideas from T.I.E. to social justice issues that challenge particular communities and contexts

T.I.E. events take place in two ways:

As customised programs 

Our customised programs take the central ideas of T.I.E. and adapt them to suit the needs of the host organisation. For example, T.I.E. at the National Theater Institute is taking place as a three day intensive; T.I.E. at the University of Florida is taking place as a ten day summer program.

The cost for customised T.I.E. experiences varies, based on the needs of the host institution.

If you are interested in a customised T.I.E. experience, please get in touch!

As open workshops

Open T.I.E. experiences take place in select cities across the U.S., from a Friday evening to a Sunday morning. These events include:

  • a Friday evening meet and greet, with a special performance by Ms. Adrienne Unae; a 24-hour T.I.E. workshop, from 12 PM on Saturday to 12 PM on Sunday, led by Dr. Nandita Dinesh; a post-workshop closing event on Sunday
  • The open workshops cost $250 per participant and include: food and accommodation for participants during the 24-hour workshop; attendance to the Friday evening and Sunday morning events [pre and post the 24-hour workshop]; a T.I.E. resource pack and certificate
  • These workshops can accommodate only 30 participants, of which four spots will be awarded as scholarships to local participants who cannot afford the fee
  • Click here to contact us about a scholarship