Frequently Asked Questions

24-hours? Really?

Yes! This workshop is one of a kind and thrives on having a 24-hour structure. Given this pedagogical approach, weekends might be the best time to make something like this happen.

If a continuous 24-hour period is impossible for your community, but you’d still like to make T.I.E. happen, get in touch. Perhaps we can find a way to adapt the time requirements.

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What if my community has more dancers/singers/visual artists than theatre folk?

Dr. Dinesh’s role in the workshop is to facilitate the overall structure and form of the creation; participants decide the content and also decide if/when they want to share the piece with audience members. In this spirit of collaborative creation, there is no requirement for the work to be “theatre” in its traditional sense: song; movement; installations; poetry; culinary arts; they all have an important place.

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Who chooses the workshop topic?

The topic for each T.I.E. workshop is chosen either by the local host organization, or by sending participants a brief survey when they confirm registration. In this survey participants will be asked to speak about social justice issues/questions that are important to them, and their responses will form the basis for that T.I.E. workshop’s content.

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Is there an ideal age range and/or experience level required for participants?

Because of the residential component, the suggested age range for participants is 18 years and over. If there are ways to get parents/guardians to sign liability waiver forms, participants between 15 and 17 years of age are also welcome.

No prior theatre experience needed.  

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Tell me more about the cost?

The fee includes:

  • the costs for Dr. Dinesh and Ms. Unae’s travel, lodging, and food
  • attendance at four events: pre-workshop (Friday evening), the 24-hour workshop (Saturday morning to Sunday morning), post-workshop (Sunday morning)
  • a resource pack which includes extracts from Dr. Dinesh and Ms. Unae’s writing
  • a certificate from the T.I.E. program
  • optional accommodation for Friday night
  • five fully sponsored spots for local participants who cannot afford the fee

When registering for the workshop, participants will be given the option to pay the full fee at one time, or to divide the payment over the course of multiple installments.

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Do you have any videos or reviews of the work?

While there is no video of the workshop itself, here is a website to the 24-hour performance project that led to the creation of the T.I.E. workshop series: Since the workshops are just being launched, there are no reviews specific to them. However, here are links to a few different articles that have been written about Dr. Dinesh and her work:


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What outcomes do you hope to achieve?

For both Dr. Dinesh and Ms. Unae, the desired outcome is to learn more about the issues that different individuals/communities are facing and to share her skills in theatre: with the hope that these strategies will become useful in the participants’ long-term quests of giving creative voice to their struggles.

For the participants:

  • Interested actors will acquire knowledge about the demands of performing in participatory/immersive theatrical environments
  • Interested directors will learn more about leading collaborative, devised, creative processes
  • Interested writers will gain insights into scripting immersive environments
  • Interested designers will further their understanding of site-adaptive/site-sensitive techniques
  • Interested activists will explore the potential for theatre in their respective struggles
  • All participants will leave this workshop with a more nuanced understanding of Immersive Theatre, and of the issue that is chosen for the workshop by the participant group

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