‘I learn by going where I have to go’ was written on a fortune cookie […] it was the perfect finale to my past two days – because I had just finished 24 hours straight in an immersion theater workshop conducted at Santa Fe Playhouse by Nandita Dinesh. You read what you believed you read correctly. ‘Immersion theater’ is a pretty accurate descriptor. The workshop entailed staying awake close to 24 hours, from 1 pm Saturday to 1 pm Sunday, while creating performance pieces. There was some impressive work achieved in spite of, because of, in the process of, dealing with the various physical and mental constraints. It’s hard to describe such a lengthy and varied and sometimes sleepy event using anything other than metaphors. It went by a lot faster than you might think. It’s a bit like tap-dancing inside a submarine that skims the surface, then sinks lower into the depths, then emerges back to the surface while screenplay music plays in the background. The full quote from the Roethke poem reads (how appropriately): ‘I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow/I learn by going where I have to go’.
Darryl W., T.I.E. Participant: Santa Fe